Are you thinking about going to the next aHUS Foundation’s Conference, but haven’t signed up yet?  Maybe you’re still on the fence, wondering what these conferences are all about.  Well, here are some great reasons to register today:



You will learn more about Atypical HUS at an aHUS Foundation conference than anywhere else, especially in this condensed time frame.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or a newly diagnosed patient, you will hear the latest news relative to this complicated disease we all deal with.  In Boston, Dr Kenneth Lieberman will be our Keynote speaker.  Dr Lieberman has spoken for years at conferences and Meet and Greets throughout the country.  He is one of our most respected speakers and brings an easy to understand approach to his presentation.  Following his talk, you will have ample time for questions; plus, he will be present throughout the weekend to talk one-on-one with our guests.


We will also have several other speakers that will address:

·       GeneticsTara Maga - How does aHUS affect my family?  Can I have children?  Should I get genetic testing?

·       One Source nurses presenting on how they can you.

·       Nutrition - Dr. Diane Lieberman, PhD, Nutrition Science – the importance of a good diet.

·       PSI - Help in funding co-pays


New Friendships:

Surveys of past conference attendees tell us that the friendships made at our conferences are the most important take-home for them.  Most are meeting fellow aHUS Patients/Caregivers for the first time.  You will be able to create a network of patients and caregivers who will remain friends for life.  These new friends will provide you with the ability to share and compare the issues we all face and also offer a good ear to share your frustrations and concerns.


Social Activities:

Social activities will be held both Friday and Saturday nights.  We do this to provide more opportunities to connect with fellow guests.  Saturday night we are holding a “Tailgate Party.”  Dress in your favorite team’s jersey and enjoy a variety of games and stadium food offerings.


Break-out Sessions:

Saturday afternoon you will break into two separate groups – Patients and Caregivers.  Patients will have the chance to share their story and experiences with fellow patients and Caregivers will do the same in their group.  A big change for the conferences has been to add a focus to the Caregivers, who so often get lost in the shadow of their patient. 



The Foundation pays for your room, all food, and speaker fees.  Our only requirement is that you attend all of the sessions, including meals and social activities.


So what are you waiting for?  Time to register is running short, so click below and join us for what certainly will be a life changing weekend.


Boston/Cambridge aHUS Conference


Dates to Remember

Boston/Cambridge Conference - September 7 - 9, 2018 at the Boston Cambridge Marriott Hotel - Registration now Open

aHUS Awareness Day - September 24, 2018

Kidney Community Advocacy Day - September 27, 2018.

University of Iowa/MORL & AHUS Foundation Conference in Iowa City - November 2 -4, 2018 at the University and the Coralville Marriott

Disney World Conference - December 6 - 9, 2018 at the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort

          Rare Disease Day - February 28, 2019